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Apparently because of the economy, the canned sardine industry is shut down. Bye Bye to everyone's delicious canned sardines. Have fun with the ones lying around in some Piggly Wiggly's meat section.

Final decision on movie series

2009-12-03 20:41:37 by megaluigi

Ok, so I can't really make J Team episodes anymore. I think I'm going to go with something a little more easier and something voiced. The J Show. A talk show. May not sound like much but I'll see what I can do.

What the...

2009-11-08 19:53:48 by megaluigi

My Art got removed due to "copyrighted purposes". I MADE those. Or was I supposed to name the program I used? Oh well it doesn't matter, its just Art.

Some thoughts in mind.

2009-11-01 01:10:29 by megaluigi

My J Team series is just too difficult to make in the new flash maker program I have. I am thinking of drawing some stuff for a new series. Maybe a talk show with random people. Maybe just some dudes doing something. I don't know. The talk show thing sounds easier to do but I don't know at the moment...going to try something sometime soon and see how it plays out.

The J Team Episode 9

2009-10-12 23:16:08 by megaluigi

My first full episode of "The J Team" is now on Newgrounds. By that I mean the first one I ever uploaded to Newgrounds. Anyway, I am still new to the new flash I have so the videos will not be long. I am also looking up various sprites that may give me ideas for a compilation of mishaps done by them. Although thats something that might not happen for a while.

The J Team Episode 9 Preview

2009-10-11 00:46:28 by megaluigi

My first movie on Newgrounds. The other 8 episodes are on youtube. Just remember that what you see in the movie is a preview and changes will be made and of course, the video will be longer than just about 37 seconds.

...Hopefully. I just found this flash making software that I'm still trying to learn how to use. So expect episodes 9 and up to be on Newgrounds sometime in the future. I will not upload episodes 1 through 8 on newgrounds although, you will have to go to youtube to watch them.

The J Team Season 2

2009-09-29 22:10:11 by megaluigi

Season 2, The Tournament Saga, is now out...or its been out for about 1 or 2 weeks now. Not that anybody cares at the moment.

Youtube Account

2009-09-15 23:26:32 by megaluigi

Go to my youtube account. I'm Slifer1995. I have all my videos there. I'm a nobody on this site.